Prophylactic antibiotic use in stroke patients

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are a devastating complication that can increase morbidity and mortality, particularly post-stroke due to the disruption in the blood-brain barrier. 1-17  The prevalence of HAI post-stroke ranges, with the majority of reports indicating the prevalence of HAI in stroke patients is between 20-40%.18-21  This prevalence is higher for stroke patients than in the general hospitalized population (3.5-15%), indicating a particularly at risk population. 22  To date, the results from randomized clinical trials assessing prophylactic antibiotic use in stroke patients have been mixed, with the most recent trials suggesting prophylactic antibiotic use does not promote better functional outcome post-stroke and only moderately decreases the proportion of HAI.23-30 Continue Reading “Prophylactic antibiotic use in stroke patients”