Resident & Fellow Section Author Guides

Scientific writing is a critical part of medical training.  We use case reports, clinical trials, and basic research to advance the practice of medicine and to share new ideas across the field of neurology.  However, writing a manuscript can be a daunting task and a novice writer may not know where to start.  For a resident or fellow, the first manuscript is often a case report which means the first step is to find a great case.  What makes a great case?  Atypical presentations of common illnesses are worth publishing so that all clinicians can recognize the full spectrum of the diagnosis.  For similar reasons, rare entities, particularly if there is a new genetic diagnosis, should be published.  Case reports that include a series of patients are more impactful and can often be accompanied by an analysis of trends or varied responses to treatment. When trying to decide if your patient case should be considered for publication, it is important to review existing literature.  How many case reports have already been published on that disease?  How is your case different from previously published cases?

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