Mystery Cases gets a makeover!

The Mystery Case series was initiated by the Neurology® Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) with the aim of honing the clinical reasoning skills of trainees. The idea was simple – take a nice teaching case submitted to RFS, and recast it as a brief vignette, typically presented with a set of relevant clinical- or neuro-images from the original case, and then generate a set of relevant questions that would serve to highlight the key teaching points of the case. The questions would generally move from general (key findings, differential) to specific (most likely diagnosis, best diagnostic test), mimicking the real-life diagnostic process.

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What is the Right Brain?

There are over a dozen unique submission categories for the Neurology® Resident and Fellow Section (RFS), and most of these strive to enrich the clinical reasoning skills of neurology trainees. Not surprisingly, the majority of all submissions received by the RFS target this publication style. In fact, over 80% of all submissions in the preceding 10 months targeted the Teaching NeuroImages, Clinical Reasoning, or Teaching Video NeuroImages categories (figure). And this is intentional, as the RFS is a section of the Green Journal whose primary aim is to arm its trainees with educational tools and resources in order to transform readers into expert clinicians.

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