Welcome to the new Global and Community Health subsection!

More than 85% of the world’s population lives in low and middle income countries, where the burden of neurologic disease is greatest. In addition, over 50 million Americans live in medically underserved communities. Despite these figures, relatively little is known about the practice of neurology in these resource-limited settings. We want to know more!

This month, the Neurology Resident & Fellow Section voted to expand the focus of the International Issues subsection. Our expanded subsection, renamed Global and Community Health, will explore public health topics in neurology education. Like before, we welcome manuscripts that describe international exchanges, personal rotations in low and middle income countries, and work from neurology trainees from around the world. However, rather than only focus on international topics, we also welcome submissions that discuss community health initiatives and volunteer experiences in underserved regions of the United States.

Have you completed an international elective? Do you volunteer at a clinic in your community? Do you regularly work with an underserved patient population? Please share your experiences with us! We are also seeking submissions that discuss health disparities, cultural differences in neurology training, and more importantly, opportunities to improve neurological care.


Submit your manuscript today: http://submit.neurology.org

Whitley Aamodt

Whitley Aamodt

Resident & Fellow Editorial Team Member

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